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The Resource Team of the Honor-Shame Conference is grateful for the diversity and quality of workshop submissions. The workshops below are listed alphabetically by the last name of the workshop presenter. This list is subject to change without notice.

  1. workshops-documentDJ Chuang: “Towards Erasing the Shame of Mental Illness”
  2. Paul Clayton and Bob Schindler: “A Gospel of Honor-Status Reversal—‘Preached’ through Missional Business”
  3. Rico Cortes: “Atonement for the Individual and Community: The Function of the Day of Atonement in the Letter to the Hebrews”
  4. Dr. Cristian Dumitrescu: “Discipleship in Asian Honor Cultures”
  5. Audrey Frank: “The Muslim Woman’s Journey From Shame to Honor”
  6. Sam Heldenbrand: “Honor, Shame, and the Gospel: Reframing the Messenger”
  7. Steve Hong: “City Evangelism through an Honor-Shame Framework: San Francisco edition”
  8. Dr. Sunny Hong: Honor and Shame through the Eyes of Women in the Bible”
  9. Jeff Jackson: “Honor-Shame as a Crucial Component of a Local Church’s Ministry to Current or Former US military Members and Their Families”
  10. Joyce Jow: “From Pollution to Purity: The Restoration of the Hemorrhaging Woman”
  11. Dr. Mark R. Kreitzer/Nancy Kreitzer: “The Underlying Nakedness-Shame Motif in Scripture: Implications for Cross-Cultural Proclamation of the Gospel”
  12. Dr. Arley Loewen: “Must Honor Clash With Humility?”
  13. Martin Munyao, David Tarus: “Tribalism and Identity: Tracing ‘From Shame to Honor’ Theme in Africa’s Identity Theology to Reframe the Gospel for Kenya”
  14. Mako A. Nagasawa: “How to Bring About Personal Healing and Social Justice Using Medical Substitutionary Atonement”
  15. Dr. Wilson Phang: “The Other 2/3rds of the Gospel: Good News for All People”
  16. Dr. Katie J. Rawson: “A Gospel that Reconciles: Teaching About Honor-Shame to Advance Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation”
  17. Dr. E. Randolph Richards: “Honor-Shame in the Gospel of John”
  18. Nolan Sharp: “Samuel as a Narrative Resource for National Reconciliation in Honor-Shame Cultures”
  19. Dr. Sheryl Takagi Silzer: “How the Honor-Shame Dynamic Works in East Asian Cultures”
  20. Randall Spacht, Lacides Hernandez, Juan Guillermo Cardona: “The 3D Gospel in Latin America”
  21. Dr. Tom Steffen: “A Clothesline Theology for the World: How A Value Driven Metanarrative of Scripture Can Frame the Gospel”
  22. Dr. Lynn Thigpen: “Redeeming the Poverty-Shame-Limited Education Cycle through Gracing”
  23. Russell Thorp: “Filling Gaps in Ministry in Melanesia through Understanding Honor and Shame”
  24. Dr. Patty Toland: “Redeeming and Strengthening Honor and Shame Practices in Church Relationships”
  25. Dr. Steve Tracy: “Abuse and Shame: How the Cross Transforms Shame”
  26. Robert Walter: “Grace in the Face of God: ‘Seeking God’s Face’ in Prayer as Cleansing for Toxic Shame”
  27. Jerry Wiles: “Honor, Shame and the Gospel in the Orality Movement”
  28. Richard Yaqoub: “An Honor-Shame Gospel for Syrian Refugees: Jesus Christ as Good Shepherd & Patron.”

The Honor-Shame Conference is not a function of Wheaton College.

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