Join us to learn, collaborate, and network for the advance of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

These truths have captured us:

  • Honor-shame is a vital theme from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Honor-shame remains a dominant cultural factor among the vast majority of the world’s peoples and is increasingly a part of the 
cultural milieu of the West.
  • The gospel is already contextualized for honor-shame cultures.

Who should attend?

  • Educators, trainers, professors
  • Pastors, preachers, teachers
  • Mission leaders and mobilizers
  • Thought leaders
  • Cross-cultural workers
  • Creative-arts and worship professionals
  • Other professionals

What are the overall aims of the conference?

  • Facilitate a learning environment, networking leaders across disciplines and nations.
  • Seed new teams and projects around the world to engage in research, experimentation and the development of new ministry resources.
  • Move toward normalizing honor-shame as an essential component of theological and missiological discourse and gospel contextualization.

The Honor-Shame Conference is not a function of Wheaton College.

Banner image by Nikolay Guenov. Used by permission. http://travel.china-finds.com