Plenary sessions

Plenary session presenters (click »HERE» to see bios)

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Dr. David A. deSilva
Professor, Ashland Theological Seminary

“Reciprocity and Patronage in the New Testament: What Does it Mean for the Gospel Today?”

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Jayson Georges, MDiv

“Honor and Shame in Christian Theology: Past, Present, Future”

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Dr. Paul R. Gupta
President, Hindustan Bible Institute, India

“The Gospel for Asia: More Biblical, Less Western?”

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Dr. Steve Hawthorne
Editor, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

“The Honor and Glory of Jesus Christ—Heart of the Gospel and Mission of God”

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Dr. Brent Sandy
Professor, Wheaton College

“Honor and Shame in Ancient Culture and Biblical Interpretation”

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Dr. Jackson Wu
professor of theology in East Asia, blogger

“Saving Us from Me: Cultivating Honor and Shame in a Collectivist Church”

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