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Honor-Shame Network

The Honor-Shame Conference is the fruit of the Honor-Shame Network, which seeks to integrate and apply insights about honor-shame for God’s global mission at various levels.

The Honor-Shame Network is an emerging, informal, global network. It involves Christian leaders serving in various disciplines and various regions of the world. Our primary areas of focus include theology, missiology, and ecclesiology. The Honor-Shame Network is affiliated with HonorShame.com.

Resource Team

The initial Resource Team forming the Honor-Shame Network is:

Werner Mischke serves as Conference Coordinator. He may be contacted at conference@honorshame.com or werner@mission1.org. Werner is Vice President of Mission ONE, the sponsoring organization of the Honor-Shame Conference. Mission ONE is responsible for the finances, logistics, and legal obligations required by Wheaton College Conference Services.

The Honor-Shame Conference is not a function of Wheaton College.

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