Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Honor-Shame Conference important to the global mission of the Church?
We believe that understanding how honor-shame relates to, clarifies, and amplifies the gospel of Jesus Christ is vital to ministry in our multicultural world—from unreached people groups—to secular postmoderns—to the global refugee crisis. Underlying this is the conviction that honor-shame is critical to interpreting Scripture—contributing to a proper biblical hermeneutic.

hsCom_logo_350.fwWhat is the relationship between the Honor-Shame Conference, the Honor-Shame Network, and HonorShame.com?

  • The Honor-Shame Conference is the fruit of the Honor-Shame Network.
  • The founder of HonorShame.com is part of the initial leadership of the Honor-Shame Network and has helped to plan the Honor-Shame Conference.
  • HonorShame.com will become the repository for resources that are produced for/at the Honor-Shame Conference—making them available to the global church.

Does the Honor-Shame Network hold to certain doctrinal convictions?
The members of the Resource Team consider themselves evangelical and hold to the Lausanne Covenant.

M1_StackLogoIs there a sponsoring organization of the Honor-Shame Conference? Yes, Mission ONE is the lead sponsoring organization of the Honor-Shame Conference. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Mission ONE is a partnership and training ministry advancing the gospel through the global church. As the sponsoring organization, Mission ONE is responsible for the finances, logistics, and legal obligations required by Wheaton Conference Services. Werner Mischke, Executive VP of Mission ONE, is a member of the Resource Team of the Honor-Shame Conference; he serves as conference coordinator.

What is your Refund Policy? Refunds are not payable if you simply change your mind. Should a delegate be unable to attend, they may nominate an alternative person from their organization to attend up to 7 days prior to the start of the event. Substitutions and cancellations must be received in writing. Please contact Brian Eggleston at Mission ONE (brian@mission1.org) to amend your registration.

Cooling-off period: If you cancel within 7 days of paying, Mission ONE will refund your payment fully. After 7 days, a cancellation fee will be charged and calculated according to the list below:

  • 181 days or greater prior to start of event: 75% of the delegate fee.
  • 180–119 days prior to start of event: 50% of the delegate fee.
  • 120–31 days prior to start of event: 25% of the delegate fee
  • 30 or less days prior to start of event: No refund.

Refunds will be processed within ten business days. If you registered as a group, these cancellation charges will apply to all of the people in your group.

How are the plenary sessions and workshops selected?
The 2020 Honor-Shame Conference will include interactive plenary sessions, workshops, and networking sessions. The plenary sessions and workshops are selected through the networking efforts of the conference Resource Team.

  • Plenaries: Seven plenary session presenters have been identified (see Plenary sessions page). No other plenary sessions will be offered at the conference.
  • Workshops: The conference will include up to 28 workshops (see the Workshops page).

Will the Honor-Shame Network provide a letter of invitation to a non-Western leader in order for him or her to obtain a visa to enter the United States?
Generally, no. Under special circumstances—for example, if the leader is involved in conducting a plenary or workshop presentation—a letter of invitation may be issued by the Conference Coordinator. To inquire, write to Werner Mischke at werner@mission1.org.

Are scholarships available to attend the Honor-Shame Conference?
No, with the exception for speakers in special circumstances.

How was the Honor-Shame Network formed?
See the page, A little history.

What is the primary purpose of the Honor-Shame Conference?
The conference will gather a learning community from North America and around the world—professors and educators, pastors and thought leaders, cross-cultural workers and creatives, professional practitioners and others. Participants will reflect upon and explore what “honor-shame” means for a wide range of Christian disciplines—from theology to missiology, from pastoral ministry to orality, from counseling to the worship arts—ultimately all centered on the gospel.

How will the Honor-Shame Conference help mission agencies?
Many mission leaders, cross-cultural workers, and others—both in the Majority World and the West—want to share what they are learning in the honor-shame arena. Many desire to be better equipped to see the significant overlaps between the honor-shame dynamics in the Bible and the peoples they are serving. The Honor-Shame Conference will offer opportunities to learn, network, and collaborate around these issues.

How can the Honor-Shame Conference serve the local church?
Our cities and neighborhoods in the West are ever increasing in their ethnic and cultural diversity. Many leaders want to better engage cross-culturally—and they are beginning to see the critical importance of honor-shame. Many are just now gaining awareness of the cultural overlaps between the Bible and Majority World societies. Many pastors, missions leaders, and lay persons are seeking resources to learn about the pivotal cultural dynamic of honor-shame in Bible societies—and what this means for ministry locally and globally—from preaching to counseling to missions. The Honor-Shame Conference will provide opportunities to learn, network, and collaborate around these issues.

Is the Honor-Shame Network a separate organization?
No. The Network is not incorporated as a 501(c)(3) agency. It is an informal association of persons and ministries with a keen interest in the role of honor-shame in Christian ministry. It has no permanent office and no paid staff.

Who is in charge of the Honor-Shame Conference and how do you get things done?
The members of the Honor-Shame Network Resource Team plan the Honor-Shame Conference. The conference coordinator exercises some administrative responsibility. All communications are made through e-mail and telephone, and team meetings are conducted via conference calls.

Where are funds held for the Honor-Shame Conference?
The funds for the Honor-Shame Conference are held—and bills are paid out of—a separate account at Mission ONE, Scottsdale, Arizona. Gifts to Mission ONE designated for the Honor-Shame Conference are tax deductible. Conference registration fees might be deductible as an expense of your ministry, but are not considered donations.

The Honor-Shame Conference is not a function of Wheaton College.

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