Momentum is building for the Honor-Shame Conference

By God’s grace, we are seeing sustained, almost daily growth, in new registrants for the Honor-Shame Conference.
  • Our theme is: “Honor, Shame, & the Gospel: Reframing Our Message for 21st-Century Ministry”
  • Six plenary sessions, and 28 workshops, plus collaboration groups
  • As of March 7th, 161 people have registered from North America and around the world
  • We are expecting 200+ participants
  • So far, participants have registered who represent 16 colleges and universities, 43 mission agencies, and 11 other organizations. Plus several pastors are attending from local churches.

One of our aims is: “Seed new teams and projects around the world—to engage in research, experimentation and the development of new ministry resources.”

May the gospel be magnified and our Lord Jesus Christ glorified—through the many new collaborative efforts that occur—before, during, and after this conference.

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