“I want to attend this conference in order to continue learning”, by Sheryl Takagi Silzer

As a third generation Japanese American, I’ve struggled with issues of honor and shame because I did not understand the cultural source of these practices. After a crisis in my life (cancer diagnosis) I began to search for reasons for my illness and God directed me to examine my cultural roots.

What I previously thought were personality differences were actually Asian cultural practices that resulted more often in shame than honor. This discovery put me on the road not only towards understanding my cultural roots but also to spiritual and physical healing.

I want to attend the 2017 Honor-Shame Conference in order to continue learning about the biblical perspectives of honor and shame—and to meet the authors I’ve read who have written on this topic.

Dr. Sheryl Takagi Silzer is a multicultural consultant with SIL International and an adjunct at Talbot School of Theology. She is the author of Biblical Multicultural Teams: Applying Biblical Truth to Cultural Differences. Her latest book (December 2016) co-authored with Benjamin Shin is, Tapestry of Grace: Untangling the Cultural Complexities of Asian American Life and Ministry.

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