“I’ve been waiting 30 years for a conference like this!”, by Chris Flanders

Flanders_ChrisChris Flanders writes,

Since “discovering” the issues of honor/shame in seminary, seeing how absolutely central such issues were for my ministry in SE Asia, and then focusing on this area of study in my doctoral work, I have been convinced such a network and conference simply had to happen. Now it is.

Chris Flanders testimonialThis landmark conference will be the first time such a collection of practitioners and global thought leaders will gather together to highlight and discuss issues revolving around honor and shame. I predict that this will be among the most significant global collaborations of 2017.

Increasingly, scholars, missionaries, and international leaders are waking up to the gravity of this topic. You and your ministry will benefit tremendously by taking part in this great opportunity.

Christopher L. Flanders, PhD, is Associate Professor of Missions at Abilene Christian University. He is part of the resource team for the Honor-Shame Conference and will serve as conference moderator. His dissertation/book is: About Face: Rethinking Face for 20th Century Mission.

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